Modern belts have evolved to suit almost any fashion

During the first half of the century, Art Nuveau made a splash with specially-designed belt buckles, which today fetch a healthy sum. During the middle of the 20th century, Hollywood wanted to give cowboys a distinctive look, so they put large belt buckles on their actors, despite the fact that genuine cowboys wore primarily suspenders. This trend has bled into modern culture, with large belt buckles a piece of Western wear. Notable wearers of the large belt buckle include George W. Bush and Governor Schwarzenegger. Also, the prize given after a rodeo event is often an oversized belt-buckle as well.
The use of belt conveyors can save industries plenty of labor cost. Workers are able to do more technical tasks rather then moving goods from one place to the other. It will allow a manufacturing facility to become far more efficient.

Modern belts have evolved to suit almost any fashion, from cheap webbed or cloth belts with square buckles, to the highest levels of upper class who can get diamond and gold encrusted leather belts with precious stones and custom designs for tens of thousands of dollars. Designers have created subtle belts with designs sewn in with stitching, some have printed their designs on the outside of belts decorated with metal studs, and some keep a simple strip of leather and let the buckle do all the work.

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